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What You Need to Consider When Landscaping Along Your Commercial Fence

landscaping along fence

We often take them for granted, but plants can do much more for us than we realize. A hint of greenery in an office can make us more productive, spending time in nature can boost our mood, and studies show that plants can even improve our physical health.

Why not offer those benefits to your guests and clients as well? For commercial spaces, a bit of landscaping along a fence line can add visual interest and a natural look to the area, as long as it’s done right.

However, before you start making plans and diving into your budget for fence landscaping costs, there are a few key things you’ll want to consider. Read on for more.

Protect Your Fence

Before launching a commercial landscaping project, make sure to consider how you’ll protect your fence from the landscaping.

Depending on what you’d like to do, your features may have an impact on certain types of fences. Fence line water features, for example, may not be ideal if you want to keep moisture away from your aluminum fence. The heavy decorative planters you place on your fence might weigh it down if you aren’t careful.

Here are a few tips to think about:

Consider the Spacing

Trees, bushes, and garden beds look pleasant next to a fence, but you’ll want to consider the spacing.

Planting a tree or bush too close to your fence may give larger root systems the freedom to grow beneath it. This can uproot sections of your fencing, causing sections to lift unevenly. To avoid this, make sure you’re researching the species you decide to plant: some trees and shrubs have narrower root systems than others.

For trees and shrubs as well as other landscaping features like garden beds, think about how you’ll maintain the area around them. Is there enough space for someone to use a weed whacker or cut tall grass around the fence?

Maintain Your Trees and Shrubs

If you’ll be planting trees and shrubs that will grow exponentially, it’s important to maintain them well. Reach out for regular trimming and pruning to keep branches neat and to maintain the health of the plant.

This can help you keep damaged or decayed branches from falling onto your fence. It can also keep an entire tree or large shrub from falling!

Be Careful With Climbing Plants

Vines can add natural beauty to any commercial fence, but they can also cause problems. Enough vines can trap moisture or weigh down a fence over time.

Be sure to consider how you’ll maintain them as they grow. You may even want to let them grow over trellises near the fence instead.

Water With Care

Though most fences won’t mind the occasional splash of water from a sprinkler system, you’ll want to be careful with how you water your landscaping. Poor drainage and constant watering can lead to persistent moisture and unsightly mud splatters you’ll have to clean later.

Consider the Aesthetics

Once you understand how to preserve your fence, it’s time to consider the aesthetics. The right landscaping can create an attractive area for clients and guests, framing the perimeter of your commercial space.

Go Vertical

If your fence is sturdy enough to bear it, consider installing hanging plant beds along it. This, in addition to shorter plants or other low-lying landscaping features, can add natural beauty to your fence line. You can find plenty of hooks, hangers, and plant beds online to match a variety of fence styles.

Even if you don’t want to add plant beds, you can still enhance the area’s visual appeal with the right plants. Creating layers of plants with different heights, with the tallest near your fence and the shortest further away from it, can create an attractive and complementary design.

Use Hardscaping

For added texture, be sure to add some contemporary hardscaping to the area for an interesting contrast to the uniform look of green plants and grasses. Paver borders along the bottom of a fence, for example, can add an attractive pop of color. The right river stones and natural gravel can add a natural element or even a zen feel.

Add Some Camouflage

If you think the fence on your property looks a little plain, the right landscaping can camouflage its appearance. You can even hide the stark look of a traditional chain-link fence behind the right shrubs and flowers!

Soften Your Fence Line

The hard angles of your fence posts can be beautiful in their own right, but your landscaping can help soften the angles’ appearance if you prefer. Shrubs trimmed into careful spheres or a curved bed of plants can temper the sharp look of the entire area.

Enhance Your Privacy

An added feature of the right landscaping is a little more privacy. While privacy fences can take care of this on their own, other fence styles with more openings may not shield your commercial space from view as much as you’d like.

For example, you might consider using garden beds for fences to create a green, growing barrier around your property. Ornamental grasses, rose and holly bushes, and bigleaf hydrangeas are great plants to use. The right shrubs and hedges can also add a layer of protection.

However, if you’re hoping to create privacy for customers, you may want to be sure you’re choosing fast-growing plants that offer it sooner rather than later. Certain shrubs grow faster than others, and some species of tall grasses grow faster still.

Create the Right Landscaping Along a Fence

High-quality fences offer plenty of great benefits, but the right landscaping can make them even more attractive. Considering the landscaping along your fence can make your commercial property stand out. With the tips above, you’ll have no trouble envisioning the perfect project to add charm and privacy to your space while preserving your fence.

If you’re still in need of a fence to create the desired look for your property, give us a call! Here at Action Fence, our licensed and insured team offers a huge range of fencing options. Contact us today to learn more.

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