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Commercial and Residentials Security Fencing

Security fencing needs are inevitable in the ever-evolving world.

Protect open areas, storage facilities, parking lots or your home with a soundly constructed fence made of the highest quality materials. Based in Davie, Action Fence has installed hundreds of security and perimeter fences in South Florida.

Security Fencing
Commercial & Residential Fencing
Commercial & Residential Fencing
Steel security fence installed by Action Fence in Davie, FL
Iron security fence in Davie,FL.
parking lot security fence installation in Davie, FL.

Why do you need security fencing?

Every commercial or personal property needs security fencing because:

It Prevents Vandalism and Theft of Goods or Supplies

Do not let thieves, intruders, vandals and law breakers to meddle with your property in any capacity. Intrusion can make setting up and existing troublesome in a property. So, prevent it before it happens by using security fencing services.

Security fencing helps you take control of your property. It is generally economical if you compare to the cost of theft.

Identify Security Weakness

If you choose to install security fences early, it will help you identify potential security loopholes and weaknesses. At Action Fence, we are proud of providing security fences that are full proof from the moment they are installed. We believe it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Who doesn’t wish to enjoy a good view and add value to their property? We lay the groundwork for you. We are constantly upgrading our products and services to ensure quality and stay updated with latest technology so that you can have a wide range of  product choices due to innovation.

Block Escape Routes for Intruders

A quick getaway is not possible with a strong security fence. If someone is trying to commit a crime or steal on your property, security fencing limits the possible exit routes that criminals can take. It gives security personnel a good chance to capture them before they flee. Security fencing helps you not look like a “soft-target.”

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Create a Deterrent for Opportunistic Crimes

Security fencing not only hinders criminals in attempting access on your personal site, but also provides a filter for further countless attempts. Deterrence is one of the most powerful weapons against intruders.

Action Fence provides a formidable barrier by combining substantial material which helps in developing strong and rigid security.

Reassure Visitors

Maintaining your property’s security is a complex and comprehensive task. Perimeter fencing shows your seriousness in security and values your investment. Regardless of what type of site you own, security fencing is inevitable. It makes your site visitors believe that they are safe.

Action Fence offers high quality service at affordable pricing. Hence it is highly recommended to invest in security and avoid putting yourself at risk.

Why choose Action Fence?

Choose us because:


We come with decades of experience in the security fencing industry. Our 40+ years of knowledge and constant learning contributes developing amazing custom solutions for our clients. We are a licensed security fencing company.

Excellent Service

We are known in the South Florida for our experienced project management capability, on-time product delivery and error-free installation services.


We utilize only the best quality of raw materials for all our fencing installations. Additionally we also invest in waste reduction and cost-reduction strategies so that our services are affordable for clients.

Hundreds of Satisfied Commercial and Industrial Fence Installation Customers Including:

Action Fence Warranty

We believe that nobody in South Florida will build you a higher quality fence than we will.
Because of the confidence we have in the quality of our products and in the competence of our staff, we provide you this exclusive written warranty.

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Commercial & Residential Fencing