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Vinyl and PVC Fencing

Compared to Other Fencing Materials, Vinyl fencing can be an extremely resilient and efficient option to traditional wood and chain link styles of fencing.

Action Fence, a leading provider of  Vinyl and PVC fencing in South Florida, demonstrates 40+ years of experience in the fencing industry. We have experience in all applications of fencing, commercial residential or industrial, so our clients can rest assured they will receive quality service and a solid product.

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Commercial & Residential Fencing
Commercial & Residential Fencing

What are some of the benefits of Vinyl & PVC Fencing?


It’s a very fast paced world and its ever evolving. We all have shortage of time and wish not would waste it. Vinyl & PVC fencing is the future because they stand the test of time. This leads to more and more people choose this option amongst others.

If you compare traditional wood fencing, we understand that both sun and rainfall effects it’s quality. So, there is no guarantee involved in wood fencing beyond a certain time duration. Vinyl fencing in contrast takes care of it.


Vinyl PVC Fencing can be a modern and stylish addition to your property’s aesthetics. With a range of textures, styles and colors, vinyl fencing also offers long term cost saving for clients.

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Sun and rain damage is not an issue with Vinyl PVC fencing, which helps it to maintain it’s integrity for years and years. Additionally, it is also impact resistant. Our Vinyl fencing gently flexes on impact and then regains its shape. Flexibility is the key to a great design. Wood or chain links may rot or rust over time and become much more frail.

Comparatively, Vinyl fencing is a great option in terms of flexibility and durability.

Zero Maintenance

Bid Adieu to Fence maintenance!

Many people tend toward traditional wood fencing, but may not realize it comes with a cost of unending upkeep and restoration.

If maintenance is something you’d rather do without, why install a fence that you have to treat and repair your entire lifetime?

Vinyl fencing does not need any painting, weather-treating, or even replacing plank services.

Cost Effective

Imagine the amount of small investments you need to make in intervals for maintenance of traditional wood fencing. All you need to do to maintain Vinyl PVC fencing is get an all-purpose cleaner or dish soap. To keep your Vinyl fence pristine, you don’t need to buy anything extra apart from your regular household cleaning products. You don’t have to buy and inhale chemicals and paints for maintenance as compared to wooden fencing requirements. You will also have more time to spare if you invest less in maintenance and repairing activities.

Full Privacy

Fencing is a great way to improve privacy. There are many options available to choose from when it comes to Vinyl PVC fencing, designs like gapless fencing, solid Vinyl fence curtaining, etc. If you’d rather not have curtains and blinds blocking light into your home’s interior, Vinyl fencing is a great way to provide full privacy to any home or property.

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In any household we love our kids and pets. If you compare Vinyl PVC fencing to chain link and wooden fencing options, you might find it much safer for kids and pets. Chain Link is easy to scale, especially for tiny feet and hands of kids. Wooden fencing comes with a risk of splinters or loose metal building materials. PVC fencing is a seamless and solid option as it comes with zero footholds and splintering.

Wooden fencing is traditionally the worst enemy of dogs. They have the innate need to explore and tend to scratch, dig, and chew on fences because they get in their way. With PVC fencing, chewing wood is just not an option.

Why choose Action Fence?

Action Fence has a great reputation in the market of fencing and has been holding a good market share since 40+ years with the help of its clients. With our Licensed Vinyl and PVC fencing services, you enjoy benefits like:


At Action Fence, our clients are our priority. All your requirements and queries are addressed effectively by our professional team of experts.


You can be assured of the quality of our products and services because we do not throw words. We have backed up our solutions with legal warranty documents. To know more on warranty, click here.

Long Term Value

With Action Fence, you can be sure that you are investing in a long-term value provision service, because we believe in long term relationships with our clients by providing quality services.


Action Fence tries its best to add to aesthetics and security by providing a differentiated range of products to clients.
Commercial & Residential Fencing


Action Fence enjoys economies of scale because of our long-term market standing of 40+ years and wide clientele. Due to this, our costs are at bay, and in turn, it helps us provide pocket-friendly solutions to you.

Benefits of Vinyl or PVC Fencing include:

Commercial & Residential Fencing

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Action Fence Warranty

We believe that nobody in South Florida will build you a higher quality fence than we will.
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Commercial & Residential Fencing