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Electric Gates Installation Repair Service

Action Fence is your best choice for electric gate installation. With an exceptional reputation, Action Fence should be your trusted company for all of your electric gate needs. 

Electric gates are a wonderful investment to any property, offering many benefits to your property. Action Fence offers unparalleled electric gate services, installation, and repair services.

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Commercial & Residential Fencing

Why do you need electric gates ?

GreenChainLinkFenceElectric gates are definitely recommended for properties of many various types because they provide:

  • Advanced Security

An automatic gate ensures safety and security for properties, both commercial and personal. It also acts as a deterrent for would-be thieves and intruders who are possibly targeting your property.

  • Increased Safety for Kids and Pets

Enclosing your site with automated gates gives you peace of mind when it comes to kids and pet safety. You have control over access.

  • Convenience

With automatic gates, never bother getting out of your car to manually open gates before entry or exit. All you need is access to the gate remote buttons, and you easily drive through. You can also enjoy preset, timed, automatic closures and entries through remotely controlling the gate.

  • Raise Value of Your Home

Automatic gates improve the visual appeal of your property, in turn, raising its value. Perception of having enhanced, advanced security with automatic gates is definitely an added benefit to your property’s bottom line value.

Why choose to partner with Action Fence ?

Action Fence is a family owned and operated company, with more than 40+ years in the fencing industry.  We have serviced countless, satisfied clients, and offer many benefits and options such as:

  • Quality Warranty

Action Fence will never mislead our clients with fake advertisements. Our services are backed with 100% warranty and satisfaction guarantees, so that our clients can enjoy long-term benefits.

  • Excellent Customer Support

Clients are the key to our success. With this core value, we offer amazing support to our clients as a premier licensed electric gates company. Our professionals will walk you through the entire process, step-by-step, and make sure you never lose sleep over security issues.

  • Cost Effective Solutions

With our efforts to help efficiently ease the cost of production of our services, we promote friendly packages for every type of budget. We design many options, including customized electric gates solutions, depending on various financial needs.

Action Fence Warranty

We believe that nobody in South Florida will build you a higher quality fence than we will. Because of the expertise we have in our products and in our people, we provide you this exclusive written warranty. Click here to read more.

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Commercial & Residential Fencing

Headquartered in Davie, Action Fence company has over 40 years of experience as a licensed fence contractor.

Our success over the years has been attributed to hard work, a good customer base, and loyal, hard-working, and quality-minded employees. Today, our dedicated team of experienced employees is determined to continue our success with customer service, quality products, and expert installation at a competitive cost.

We work proactively with individuals, engineers, architects, contractors, and manufacturers to be certain that we are fulfilling our customers’ wants and needs. Action Fence is a member of the American Fence Association (AFA).

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