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Understanding the Impact of Different Types of Industrial Fencing

industrial fencing

When most people think of business security, they imagine measures such as firewalls or even financial protection. However, protecting your business also involves putting up literal walls between it and the public. You may need tall fencing that burglars can’t scale or a privacy fence that keeps out wandering eyes.

However, not all types of fencing offer the same levels of protection. Even though a privacy fence stops people from looking into your location, it’s not exactly made to be bulletproof.

Here’s what you should know about the different types of fencing materials and what they offer to your business.

Considerations When Purchasing Industrial Fencing

All businesses should know what to look for when shopping for new fencing. It all depends on your particular needs. In addition, the material and how much you spend on your fence can affect how long it’ll last before you need to buy a replacement.


Five of the most durable fence materials include wrought iron, brick, aluminum, vinyl, and pressure-treated wood.

Something like steel and aluminum will provide some of the best strength in terms of preventing vandalism. They also provide a more intimidating visual presence and usually don’t have footholds for people to scale them.

Meanwhile, wood is a timeless option that looks great for all businesses. However, they often don’t last nearly as long as metal fences.


The height of your fence affects how effectively it can block the view from the street as well as if it offers any kind of physical protection.

If you just want something to keep wild animals out, then a shorter fence will work fine. It’ll cost less and be easier to maintain.

Businesses that want to protect themselves from human threats will need to get something taller. The higher up the fence goes, the better the protection.


The cost of your fencing will vary depending on the type and material. For example, ornamental fencing is often more expensive than simple chain-link. Wood is one of the most affordable.

Without a doubt, steel is the most expensive. However, it offers the most benefits out of all of them.

Types of Industrial Fencing Available

Taking into account your needs and budget, you now have to choose between the different types of fencing available. There is a wide variety, but it also depends on the contractor you work with and what they offer.

Chain Link

Chain link fence is one of the most common types of fence for good reason. It’s the most affordable and holds up in most weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about excess heat, cold, or moisture.

Even though it’s inexpensive, you can also add things to the chain link to make it more versatile. Barbed wire added to the top can deter climbing over it. You can also apply a privacy screen for more comprehensive coverage.

Mesh Panel

Welded mesh panel fencing is like a chain link but without some of the same vulnerabilities. It has a firmer structure and is often made out of some kind of steel. As such, it’s not as easy to cut through and it won’t come apart as easily.

Additionally, mesh panel fencing is designed to safeguard against climbing. You can find anti-climb security fencing specially made with top pieces like sharp points or spinning bars. These prevent people from getting over them on their own.

Aluminum Fencing

Like steel fencing, aluminum holds up against rusting, corrosion, and all kinds of weather conditions. It’s more durable than chain-link and is difficult to climb when they’re constructed as vertical bars. On top of that, aluminum is relatively inexpensive when compared to steel.

In the event that some of your fencing gets damaged, you can also easily replace those panels. Some regular cleaning is all you need to keep them in their best condition.


Ornamental fencing is all about style and decor. They’re meant to make your property look more appealing while also adding an extra layer of security.

In most cases, you’ll find them made out of iron or steel. However, they also come in other materials like vinyl or wood.

While these won’t offer the kind of protection as mesh or chain link, they do help to improve your property value.

Solid Panel

Solid panel fencing is one of your best and most affordable options if you want complete privacy. In most cases, this type of fencing is made from vinyl or a composite material.

Vinyl allows for a wider range of colors, while composites made from recycled plastic and wood can look like more natural materials. Both types stand up well against the outside elements and require little maintenance.

You’ll want solid panel fencing if your business location requires absolute seclusion, such as with a manufacturing plant. It’s not ideal if you want to showcase your location or give off a more inviting aesthetic.

Wood Fencing

Even though wood fencing is affordable and looks good, it may not be the best choice for your business. Unfortunately, wood fencing doesn’t last very long. It may succumb to things like rot or mildew because it’s more difficult to clean.

The good thing is that it’s easy to repair and can be refinished for a renewed appearance.

Concrete Wall

The best protection available for your business comes in the form of a concrete wall. As you would expect, these are very difficult to get through and can be fitted with wall toppers to keep people from scaling them.

The main downside to concrete walls is that they’re expensive to install and not easily repaired or replaced.

Secure Your Commercial Property with Industrial Fencing Today

Industrial fencing of any kind is a good investment if you want to protect your business location. Even something as simple as chain-link will deter criminals from wandering onto your property. You can also go the extra mile with iron-wrought or aluminum fencing options.

Action Fence can provide your commercial fencing needs, as well as for your industrial and residential properties. Our fencing products include aluminum, chain-link, vinyl, and more. Contact us today to get a sales estimate on your next project.

Industrial Fencing (FAQs)

1. What are the most durable materials for industrial fencing?

The most robust fencing materials you can consider for industrial purposes are wrought iron, brick, aluminum, vinyl, and pressure-treated wood. For example, aluminum and steel are highly durable and resist vandalism, while wood, although aesthetically pleasing, tends to have a shorter lifespan.

2. How does fence height impact the security of my business?

The height of the fence plays a critical role in determining its effectiveness against different types of threats. For instance, a taller fence is generally more effective against human intruders, making it harder for them to climb over. On the other hand, if your primary concern is wildlife, a shorter fence might suffice and will be less expensive to maintain.

3. What is the difference between chain-link and mesh panel fencing?

Both chain-link and mesh panel fences are common options, but they serve different needs. Chain-link is affordable and durable against most weather conditions. Mesh panel fencing, often made of steel, is sturdier and designed to counter vulnerabilities like easy cutting or climbing. For instance, mesh panel fencing can feature anti-climb security measures like sharp points or spinning bars at the top.

4. How does my budget affect my industrial fencing options?

Your budget will have a direct impact on the type of fencing material you can opt for. Steel fencing offers the highest level of security but is also the most expensive. In contrast, wood is more budget-friendly but doesn’t offer the same level of durability. For example, ornamental fencing usually costs more than simple chain-link, which is a cost-effective yet sturdy option.

5. Are there aesthetic options that also provide security with industrial fencing?

Yes, ornamental fencing provides both style and an added layer of security. These fences are usually made from materials like iron or steel but can also come in vinyl or wood. While they may not offer the same level of protection as mesh or chain-link fences, they do enhance the visual appeal of your property, potentially increasing its value.

Optimized for “Industrial Fencing,” this FAQ should address some of the most common questions businesses may have when considering their fencing options.

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