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Smart Solutions for Access Control and Automated Estate Gates

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Would you like to keep your commercial property as safe and secure as it can possibly be? You can do it by calling on one of your local commercial fencing services to install one of the many security fencing options around it.

When you have one of these commercial fencing companies install a security fence around your property, it’ll prevent people from being able to trespass onto it with ease. It’ll also make everyone working on your commercial property feel safer each day.

But why stop there? There are also access control systems and automated estate gates you can use to protect your commercial property further. They’ll make your property look and feel even more secure than it would be otherwise.

Learn all about the access control systems and automated estate gates that you can use along with your commercial security fencing below.

What Is an Access Control System?

An access control system is any kind of system that’s put into place to limit who can enter a room, a building, or, in this case, a commercial property. It’s designed to make a commercial property more secure overall by only allowing those who have permission to enter it.

Access control systems have become very popular over the years in a variety of industries. You’ll often find those companies that operate in the healthcare and education industries with access control systems. You’ll also find access control systems outside of government buildings, worship centers, and more.

But there isn’t any limit to which commercial entities can use access control systems. If you have a desire to limit who can enter your commercial property, you’ll appreciate what an access control system can do for you.

What Are the Different Types of Access Control Systems?

If you’re interested in installing an access control system for your commercial property, you’ll be happy to hear that there are quite a few options that will await you. You’ll be able to choose whichever type of access control system you like best for your commercial property.

Here are several of the best types of access control systems:

Each of these systems will come with its own unique pros and cons. It would be worth considering each option and seeing how it’ll work with the security fencing that you already have installed. You should be able to find one that’ll check all the right boxes for your commercial property.

What Are the Benefits of Access Control Systems?

No matter which type of access control system you pick out for your commercial property, you’ll be able to enjoy a long list of benefits. They’ll help illustrate why you should invest in an access control system in the first place.

Here are several benefits of access control systems:

  • Gives you complete control over who is allowed to enter your commercial property
  • Lets you look back at who has entered your commercial property over time
  • Enables you to change who can come into your commercial property in no time

It’ll make all the sense in the world for many businesses to install access control systems. When used in conjunction with security fencing, they can serve as deterrents for those who might attempt to access commercial properties unlawfully.

What Is an Automated Estate Gate?

Much like an access control system, an automated estate gate is a type of gate that’s designed to limit the access that people have to commercial properties while traveling in vehicles. Automated estate gates can be installed within security fencing setups to serve as access points for those who would like to get onto a piece of commercial property.

Automated estate gates can also take things a step further by improving the overall appearance of a commercial property. This property will look more professional when it has a large automated estate gate on it that’s making a strong statement. You might want to put something like your company’s logo on an automatic estate gate to set the right tone for your commercial property.

What Are the Different Types of Automated Estate Gates?

Automated estate gates are also similar to access control systems in that there are many different types of them. There won’t be any shortage of options when you’re interested in installing an automated estate gate outside your commercial property.

Here are a few options you’ll have when you’re shopping for automated estate gates:

  • Swing gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Vertical lift gates
  • Bi-folding gates
  • Cantilever gates

Each of these automated security gates will look and function a little differently. But they’ll all serve the same purpose and will beef up your commercial property’s security. You should try to find the automated estate gates that’ll work best with your specific security fencing.

What Are the Benefits of Automated Estate Gates?

From the moment you have an automated estate gate put into place, you’ll feel like your commercial property is more secure. It’ll put you in control of who is able to drive onto your property. You won’t have to worry about anyone who isn’t supposed to be on your property getting too close to your building.

There are many other benefits of automated estate gates, too. For instance, they’ll make a stronger statement when it comes to security than security fencing alone will.

One of your local commercial fencing services will be able to help you pick out the perfect automated estate gate to go along with your security fencing. It’ll help you let everyone know you take security seriously and don’t intend to let anyone work their way onto your commercial property without you noticing.

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Installing an access control system and an automated estate gate will be a fantastic idea. But you shouldn’t ever put access control systems or automated estate gates in place without the right security fencing.

This is where Action Fence can step in and help. We can help you select the best security fencing based on the access control system and/or automated estate gate you plan to use.

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