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Pool Fence Ideas to Make Your Property Unique and Eye-Catching

pool fence ideas

In the U.S., more children aged 1-4 die from drowning than from any other cause of death.

For every type of property, pool fence laws are about safety above all else. They protect children, pets, and vulnerable people – and they help commercial businesses to comply with the law.

The fence you choose for your property can set you apart from the competition, so keep reading for our best pool fence ideas in 2023.

Does My Commercial Property Need a Pool Fence?

Pool fences are not only about looks. One of their main purposes is safety. Erecting a fence around your swimming pool is a necessary step to protect vulnerable people from drowning.

Even if the pool or spa is indoors, it is essential for safety reasons to have a fence around the area to prevent unsupervised access. This is especially important if your commercial property holds events such as weddings or corporate functions where there may be children present.

Pool fences protect small children, pets, and adults who cannot swim. Customers, tenants, employees, and passers-by are all protected by them.

Legal Compliance

Injuries and deaths due to a lack of fencing around a commercial property’s pool can cost businesses dearly. Those costs are not limited to legal fees and compensation, either – the damage to reputation is felt for months, if not years, to come.

To comply with legal statutes, a pool fence in Florida must have certain safety features. Gates must be self-closing and self-latching. The gate and fence must stand at least four feet high. It must not be climbable and cannot have gaps or openings larger than four inches.

Both commercial and residential pool fences refer to the same legal framework, and failure to comply with the law can result in hefty fines for business owners.


State regulations are only one side of the coin.

Having a solid fence installed is about privacy and security, as well. Commercial pool fences prevent unwanted visitors from gaining unsupervised access to pools.

They also allow guests and tenants to enjoy your pool in peace without worrying about other people having access or their children gaining access to a pool without adult supervision.

Better Insurance Premiums

A high-quality pool fence makes your business more attractive to insurance providers. The risk of injury is lower. It’s harder for people to gain access to your swimming pool accidentally.

And a gated fence with a self-latching door reduces your liability in the event of injury or damage. Other safety features, such as exterior lighting around the pool or anti-slip floors will also improve your insurance premiums, saving your business money in the long run.

Aesthetic Pool Fence Ideas for Any Commercial Property

The type of fence you choose depends on several factors.

The most obvious motivator is your property’s pool fence budget. The size of your swimming pool directly plays into that – larger pools require larger fences, so you should account for the cost of materials when making your choice.

When browsing fences, it is vital that you consider what your fence should say about your business. Some businesses might want to blend, while others want to stand out and make a statement.

Hiring a professional exterior designer to draw up concept art or speaking with a qualified fencing professional can help you decide on the best solution for your commercial property.

Glass Fencing

Glass fencing, while stylish, is a poor choice for commercial properties. It is easy to clean and non-corrosive. However, glass fencing does not provide any sort of privacy unless it is cloudy, and the glass is brittle and prone to vandalism and damage.

Sleek Modern

One of the types of pool fences that are growing in popularity is the minimalist, modern appearance. It is used in office floor planning everywhere and a minimalist fence can add to the look of a commercial pool through a “less is more” approach.

The common denominator of modern minimalism is off-white colors, understated shapes, and unassuming appearances.

Modern fences are about making a statement without going over the top. Plus, they can work out cheaper than heavy metal fences.

Wrought Iron

Metal fences are a classic option, and they’re easily customizable. Wrought iron is durable, heavy – and resistant to damage or vandalism. It will withstand the worst effects of bad weather for a long time.

Black is the most popular color and looks good against any background.

Decorative Iron

Decorative iron styles are a classic look that stands the test of time.

A decorative iron fence is ideal when you want your pool fencing to add to your property’s aesthetic. Most iron fences are welded for stability and come with long warranties to put your mind at ease.


Aluminum is strong, durable, and low in weight. It is also resistant to corrosion and requires less maintenance than other types of fence. Another plus is that it tends to be cheaper than wrought and decorative iron fences.

The downside is that aluminum tends to rust quickly in bad weather. Even so, Florida’s temperate climate makes it an ideal pool fence material for businesses looking to cut costs.


Classic brickwork is timeless.

Strong, durable, and highly resistant to all types of adverse weather conditions, one of the standout features of brickwork is that you can build a brick fence as high as you want.

Brick fences are solid. Nobody can see through them, making and ideal for businesses that put a premium on the privacy of their guests, and they are very difficult to climb.


Wooden fences add a splash of rustic charm and come in all sorts of materials like cedar, pine, redwood, and cypress.

Although it requires a yearly coat of paint to look fresh and well-maintained, wood is cheap to repair and replace and is highly customizable. Motifs, logos, and branding can be painted on top of a primary color to bring the fence to life or reinforce the values of a company in a non-intrusive way.

Secure Your Outdoor Swimming Pool

No matter the material you choose, these pool fence ideas are all viable for commercial properties of any size. What is important is that you are satisfied with the result and comply with the law.

If your South Florida business needs a commercial fencing solution for an outdoor swimming pool, we can help. We install family-friendly, legally compliant pool fences that add to the look and feel of your property while keeping it safe and secure. Click here to speak with an expert and get an estimate.

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