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Modern Fence Design For Privacy and Security

A modern form of house fencing. Gabions, steel galvanized nets filled with split stone

Every day there are more than 3,000 burglaries across the country. This is why it’s so important to secure your commercial facility as much as possible, including adequate fencing.

But a secure and private fence doesn’t have to come at the expense of style. It’s possible to have a fence that keeps your business and property safe, while still adding to the aesthetic look of the place as well. A few key choices will help bring your ideal secure modern fence to life in no time.

Follow this guide when creating the best fence design for your commercial property for all the best tips and tricks!

Your Moder Fence Should Match the Building

As you’re looking at all of the commercial fencing options, it’s important to keep your building in mind. One characteristic of modern design is that everything flows together and has a very cohesive appearance when taken as a whole. In order to keep that look, your fencing colors and materials should match the building.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to choose the exact same color as the siding but it should match and go well together. Choosing black is a great way to bring that type of look.

A black fence will also make it hard for passersby to see inside the property, adding another layer of security.

Protect All Angles

Sometimes fence design focuses exclusively on the front gate as it’s an important aspect of the fence as a whole. Doing this can leave the rest of your property vulnerable.

Making sure your security fencing covers all angles of your property not only eliminates potential vulnerabilities but can also boost the modern design of the property. It’s all about being as sleek and cool as possible. When your fence continues without interruption, the eye can focus on your other building elements for a cohesive appearance.

Limit Access Points

A crucial element of fence security is limiting access points into the property. This means you should have as few gates as possible so you can have better control over who is coming and going. It can be tempting to add many gates for more convenience but this breaks up the design and also gives more opportunity for unwanted guests to slip in.

The gates you add to your fence should also work well with the rest of the design of your fence. They can be completely camouflaged to match perfectly or just similar in material to blend in.

Integrate Technology

Modern fence design isn’t complete without the addition of technology, which helps boost your protection even when you’re not at the property yourself.

Consider adding at least some basic security equipment like cameras or digital locking systems. This will help you monitor activity and control who is coming into your property at any given time. The sight of these can also be a deterrent for potential burglaries as well.

Your commercial property may also benefit from other digital improvements like remote access, which would allow you to open and close the gate from anywhere.

Keep Materials Simple

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the commercial fencing options and get carried away choosing a material that doesn’t fit your modern design. In order to keep that look, you should try to choose simple materials that blend in with the rest of the building and landscaping.

Even with simple materials, you can still have a unique design that makes a statement.

Think about having your fencing material hung horizontally or with a simple pattern. Those simple changes can make even the basic materials, like aluminum fencing, look amazing and cool!

Limit Openings

Traditional fencing is known for the little openings between the pickets. This isn’t a major problem when you’re not worried about privacy and security but limiting these gaps can make a big difference in how well you conceal what’s inside. Simply having your materials hung right next to each other will give you a more solid look and a stronger fence.

The elimination of gaps also creates a more modern look because you’re doing something out of the ordinary. It takes a traditional fence and puts it on its head a little bit, which is a statement!

Add Customized Details

Typically, fencing has been pretty standard without a lot of extra details. This is especially true of commercial fencing that sometimes has to cover a large area.

But you can make your fencing feel modern and unique just by adding a few simple customized details.

This could be adding your logo or other signage on gates or other access points. It could be choosing accent hardware that makes more of a statement than traditional options. Any of these things help to bring in character and make the fencing feel more intentional instead of a last-minute thought.

Focus on Professional Quality For Your Modern Fence

The best thing you can do to create a modern fencing moment on your commercial property is to leave the installation to the professionals. Nothing ruins a modern, sleek look more than a poorly executed plan.

When you work with professionals to get all of your fencing needs taken care of, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

They’ll make sure everything is done with exact precision so you can have the most beautiful (and amazingly functional) fence for your commercial spaces.

Modern Fence Design Ideas

Designing a modern fence can feel overwhelming for many people. The simple aesthetic can easily go wrong and look boring if you’re not careful. This is where working with professionals comes in handy.

These fencing experts know exactly what design decisions to make to get you the cool, modern look you’re going for. All without sacrificing the privacy and security you want for a commercial property. They’ll work closely with you throughout the whole process to be sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Our team is ready to help you develop the perfect fencing plan for your property. Contact us today to get started!

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